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Vehicle parking  sensors save money!

 "Approximately 27% of all reported accidents happen while someone is backing up their vehicle.  Hitting a pole at just 5 MPH, can easily result in $500.00 to $1500.00 in damages to your vehicle.  Minimum repair on a four wheel drive vehicle is about $700.00 to $2500.00"

Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

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The Worlds Only TALKING reversing Vehicle system

The VRS3, VRS4, & VRS6 Vehicle Reversing Aids are the finest vehicle parking sensors on the market. A collision warning and obstacle detection system capable of warning a driver that there is an obstacle or person behind his reversing vehicle. This backup sensors system uses ultrasonic echo location sonar technology to alert drivers of impending collisions when in reverse.


Exclusive Patented Voice Distance Indicator (VDI) technology that literally "tells" the driver the vehicle to obstacle distance in feet / inches as the driver backs up.

six zone variable tone pulse increases in intensity as the vehicle to obstacle distance decreases.

Echo location sonar used by the US Navy, U.S. Marine Corp and U.S. Army.

Accurate to within +/- 2 inches.

Blind area alert signal.

8-bit VRSprocessor with 3 water and rust proof acoustic detectors.

Sensors that operate in all kinds of conditions. (i.e. Fog, Rain, Snow, Darkness, Bright Sun, etc)

Quick and easy installation with no wire cutting.

Includes Three-Year "Unlimited Mileage" Limited Manufacturers Warranty.


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Backup Sensors Rating-
The VRS3 is an amazing tool. This backup sensors has a voice distance indicator that uses an acoustic transmitter/sensor to produce an accurate reading in all conditions--day or night. Snow, rain, or fog will not affect your ability to "see" what is behind your car. The VRS3 can be installed at home, but basic knowledge of wiring is needed because the VRS3 needs to connect to a ground source. Simply attach the sensors to the rear vehicle bumper. An 80dB speaker mounts inside the car interior The VRS3 comes with a microprocessor that does all of the math. The VRS3 operates only when the vehicle is in reverse, receiving power only when the reverse lights are powered. The system uses a combination of techniques to indicate distances to an object located behind the car, with a detection range of 8 feet. Six zones are indicated by various tones, and the voice announces the distance to the object--you should stop before it says "crash." It even knows where its own blind spot is, and indicates that the object is in the blind spot. The VRS3 makes it easy and always knows exactly what is going on behind you.


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